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Is the Density of Words on a Website still Important?
Yes, as far as we know Search Engines still use Algorithms to check for This.

Our Engineers have been programming with internet protocols since 1994. We have written internet Spiders/Crawlers and much more! After you submit your Url, we will crawl your Url, extract all the text much like the search engines would, thus removing all common stop words and Analyze the density of your keywords and phrases. What we mean by Analyze, we count how many times each word is used and calculate the percentage of usage for each word. We have provided an example below, be sure and read them!

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If the results displayed seem to be lacking your total plaintext count, then check for errors within your HTML code!

Our Online Keyword Density Checker provides a percentage calculation of all the plaintext within a single Web Page minus common stop words and how many times a particular keyword and or word phrase are used. The SEO Community are stating that to rank well within the Search Engines that you should keep your main keywords to less than 5 percent. Keep in mind, it's not just text on the page, you have to put your target phrase or phrases in the Title Tag and the Meta Description Tag as well. Help Prevent SEO Over-Optimization of your Web Page by using this Keyword Analyzer Tool!

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